Saturday, April 2, 2016

CHI Smart Gemz Hair Styler

I have found a new favorite toy and it has changed my hair styling routine for the better!

My mom ordered this hair tool for me and it is seriously amazing! It basically replaces the need for round-brushing my hair. My hair already lacks volume and it doesn't seem to care how much product I put in it, it still won't plump up! I've had better results years ago when I would blow dry my hair and round brush it, but lets be honest...who's got time for that!? Before I got this great tool, I would wash my hair at night and let it air dry over night to save on time.

Here is a look inside the bag the CHI Smart Gemz comes in! I am terrible at putting things back the way they came, but you can see how nicely it all fits and how easy it is take traveling! 

The thing I really love about it is that the tool and the attachments are all magnetic! The attachment pictured below is what I use to blow dry my hair a bit before styling. I never blow dry it all the way (though you totally could!) because you can style your hair while it is damp!

Here comes the fun part....

This attachment is the styling tool. As you can see, there are no visible bristles. 

Once you twist the knob at the end of the styling tool, the bristles will pop out as pictured below. I love this retractable feature!

I love this concept because as you start working through your hair, if you come across any snags, snarls, tangles or any other term for a knot, you can simply twist the knob and the bristles release the hair and retract! This is so perfect because your hair doesn't get stuck!

How I like to use this tool is by sectioning my hair off from ear to ear and pin up the top half. Then working with the bottom half, I will simply start brushing through my hair with this heat tool. It dries your hair as you go through, which is why I don't completely dry my hair up front (though you can style while its dry too!). 

Then I lower the top half down and proceed with the same process. I also like to pull my hair up as I pull this heat tool through to help give lift to the hair. I also like to focus the tool around the roots for volume or even flip the hair to the side I don't usually part it on to help get even more lift. When you work on your roots, be sure to flip the temperature setting to cool to set the style.

You can also use this tool to add curls! Simply brush through your hair a few times to prep the hair, then starting from the bottom of your hair, start twisting up towards the top of your head in the direction you want your curl. Then switch the temperature to cool and hold for at least 5 seconds to set, then twist the knob so the bristles retract and release your hair into beautiful bouncy waves!

I truly love this tool and would highly recommend it to anyone who just doesn't have time to bother with their hair, but still wants it to look healthy and presentable and also to those of you who are looking for a great way to curl your hair without getting burned! I will still usually shower at night, but take just a few minutes to blow dry and style all with this tool, then when I wake up in the morning, I just brush through with my Tangle Teezer and away I go!

Be sure to comment below if you are interested in seeing a tutorial on this, I am truly loving it and it has made my life SO much easier! :)

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  1. I have been looking for something to take when me as a travel frequently that could do things quickly and allow me to mix it up. This is perfect for my needs! The hot iron is hot enough to work through my thick hair and straighten it with ease. It is compact and easy to use a lifesaver for time for sure !


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