Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sunday Bun Day!

Yesterday was quite a day! I just got back from Florida on Friday and I was just soooooo tired all weekend! On Sunday, I slept in until 130PM! I couldn't believe it and I really could have slept all day!

Sunday evenings we go visit with Jeff's family. We typically meet at his sister's house as they can accommodate everyone. As I had slept in so late, I truly couldn't be bothered with my hair. So I threw it in a bun and out the door we went. I've NEVER been able to pull off a messy bun, but I was quite proud of this one. I just had to have Jeff snap a quick photo for me. 

We had a lot of fun having dinner with his family, followed by a new game in their basketball court called "9 Square," a play on 4-square. It was a lot of fun, but then we ended the night playing cards. I always enjoy spending as much time with family as possible.

My next post will be photos from my Florida trip. I've already had such great feedback on my Florida Vlog Part One (below). Feel free to check it out! Part 2 coming soon!


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