Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Festive Cupcakes

Right before Christmas, I got the baking bug. It doesn't hit me too often, so when it does, I try to take advantage.

This time, I really wanted to make cupcakes. As I am not a confident baker, I chose to just buy a box of cake mix and cans of buttercream frosting. I felt this was the no-fail option and if these turned out, I may feel motivated to try more!

Last time I made cupcakes, I forgot to add water. This made my cupcakes come out hollow. Good for a laugh though! This time, as I finished mixing my ingredients, I attempted to pour the mixture into the cupcake wrappers. Then it hit me, I forgot water again! Learn from me, water is important and not a step for skipping!

After fixing my boo-boo, I also decided to add a bunch of sprinkles to the mixture. I wanted these cupcakes to have a fun-fetti vibe. Here is how they turned out! (Please forgive my lighting, it was really bad the day I took these photos!)

....and for the exciting part...

The Fun-Fetti! I'm really glad I added the sprinkles in. I think it made the cupcakes extra festive!


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