Monday, December 7, 2015

My Birthday Week Celebration

Well, it's official, I am old. That's right, I finally crossed the line into the 30's! I can't say that I am exactly thrilled about this fact, but because I look so young, it's is kind of a guilty pleasure of mine to see everyone's reactions when they find out my true age. (snicker, snicker!)

Jeff totally spoiled me rotten and I am so grateful for him and for all that he does for me. He's definitely a keeper!

It started on Saturday (Nov 28) when he literally spoiled me all day. We started off by hitting one of my favorite breakfast places and we stayed there for almost 2 hours just chatting. Then he took me shopping to some of my favorite stores, followed by lunch at my favorite BBQ restaurant. We ended the day going downtown to the Jazz game. There is a Mexican restaurant down there that is my favorite and we ate there then hit the game afterward. The game was so much fun, I am seriously a huge Jazz fan and it was a great night. Plus, we WON!

Fast-forward to Wednesday (Dec 2, my actual birthday), I slept in and came downstairs to see all the decorations!

Jeff gave me some really beautiful gifts that I have had my eye on for a while and I feel so spoiled!

First he gave me this amazing Kate Spade bag. It is the biggest purse I have ever owned. I wasn't sure how'd I'd like it as I am used to a cross-body bag, but I have to say, IT'S AMAZING! I will most likely do another post on the purse, so I'll tease you with a few snippets today.

I had my eye on this gorgeous bracelet from Ted Baker. It is beautiful and very delicate. In fact, when I opened it, I asked Jeff if he bought me a kids size! He was a little concerned, but it fit perfectly. It was so dainty and elegant, I just love it!

The other thing I have been eyeing lately is this necklace from Kate Spade. I've recently decided I am over the chunky jewelry and I wanted something more everyday-ish. I thought this fit the bill perfectly. 

Here are a couple other shots of the items I received from Jeff and I am so grateful not only for the gifts I received, but for all the love and support my he gives me. My hubby is so sweet and knows me so well.

On Friday (Dec 4), we went up to my Mom's house to celebrate my birthday and Tearie's. We had an amazing home made dinner that my mom spent hours on. Typically we go out, but as the babies are still too little to go out, my Mom cooked an amazing surprise dinner. We also had an amazing game night, consisting of some hilarious rounds of Cards Against Humanity....(haha!)

My mom gave me some money and another pair of my favorite UGG's. Chucky and Tearie gave me a Lush gift card (YAY!!!) and also both of Zoe Sugg's books! 

Sunday, we went to Jeff's sister's house where we did my party there and it was a blast. His mom made all of my favorites and we also did a fun game night. 

I feel like my birthday was a week long celebration and it truly was. I feel so grateful to have so many wonderful people in my life. Some days I don't feel like I deserve them, but I am certainly grateful!

If you are interested in seeing my Birthday Vlog, you can catch up here:


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