Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas Candle Tradition

Every year at Christmas time, we receive a beautiful candle from one of Jeff's sisters in North Carolina. She sends different ones each year and its been a tradition for many years. I always get excited to see what it will be when it arrives. I really like this brand of candle from The Outer Banks Candle Company. They are soy candles and eco-friendly. The scent we received this year was Island Espresso. Unfortunately, due to me being sick (again) I can't smell it! However, Jeff can smell it and its quite lovely I hear. :) I think these candles are very cute and I love that I can reuse the jar once the candle has burned out. I think they also make very lovely decorations around the house and are also unique to us as we don't have any candles around here quite like this. 

What are you favorite candles/brands? Any amazing scents I need to check out?


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