Monday, May 4, 2015

Nars Loose Setting Powder

I have never been a "powder" girl, ever. I have never liked the look of powdered faces and one comment my husband made a long time ago, was about girls who wear so much makeup that if you pressed their face, you'd leave an indent! He was totally right though! So, being a plain Jane kind of girl, I always steered away from heavy makeup and powders specifically, I just really didn't like the look.

Then I recently started a battle with my dark circles and every time I would use concealer or any creamy product to cover them, I started noticing that my under eye area was creasing!

When I went to Sephora to look at solutions for my dark circles, I explained this situation. I was advised to try this powder from Nars....

Nars Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder-$36

Here are my thoughts:
This powder helps my skin look flawless without adding any color to it. I simply do a soft sweep across my face with a big brush. Then I take a smaller brush and apply to the inner corner of my eyes where I have concealed as well as my under eye area. The motion I learned from Sephora is to PUSH and TWIST, PUSH and TWIST around the areas. 

Since I have started this new technique, I have really noticed a difference in my overall makeup as well as my under eye area in particular. No creasing and my makeup lasts much longer. I don't have a "powdery" appearance either!

One thing to watch out for though, is not to apply TOO much. They told me if you can see the powder on your brush, then you have too much. So be sure to tap off the excess and go light. You can always add more if needed!

I truly love this stuff, its been a great addition to my collection!

What's your favorite setting powders? 

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