Thursday, January 22, 2015

Josie Maran Argan Balm

Have you ever tried the Josie Maran Aragan Balm? It is absolutely amazing! I love this balm so much because it really helps heal my dry, cracked skin-without feeling greasy!!!

Josie Maran Argan Balm -$42

I first tried this balm that I picked up from Sephora and it was amazing! There was a period of time where my heels hurt so bad because they were so dried and cracked, and I used this balm for a few days and it helped soothe them quickly!

It has shea butter and essential oils and you can use it all over, including your hair for frizziness! This particular one (not pictured) does not have a scent. So if you are sensitive to some scents (like me), this is a perfect choice for you!

My mom actually gave me this balm trio (pictured throughout this post). I gave away one of the scents, so there are only two pictured. It's the same exact idea, but these have different scents and are small enough to take with you on the go, which is very convenient. I really love the Honey Lavender, it's my favorite scent!

These mini's are perfect to throw in your bag and take with you as you need to nourish your hands. What I love most about them is I don't feel greasy after using it. After applying it and rubbing it in, within a few moments is seems to soak in and not leave you greasy, which I love.

My husband uses the Argan Balm as well. His hands are worse off than mine, and he uses it a lot and loves it just as much (if not more)! He also appreciates that he doesn't get left feeling greasy because he uses it at night before bed and he also plays on his tablet. 

This balm (no matter the size or scent) has truly been a staple for me and my skin care routine because it has seriously helped dry, chapped, painful skin irritations. 

If you haven't tried the Argan Balm, I would highly recommend even sampling it at Sephora--because it is THAT good and very much worth the price! :)

What are your favorite balms or hand creams for dry, rough skin?



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