Friday, December 5, 2014

My Favorite Lip Balm for Winter

Well folks, its DECEMBER! Can you even believe it? I know I can't! At least where I live, we have all 4 seasons and now that December is here, we are definitly feeling the winter months. With winter comes dry skin, including your lips! 

I have recently discovered a new favorite lipbalm thanks to joining Birchbox back in October. They sent a few free Benefit Cosmetics samples and this Posiebalm was one of them. Thanks for getting me hooked on yet ANOTHER Benefit product!! :)

This super hydrating, tinted lipbalm is my new favorite lip product for winter! It is so creamy and smooth, it truly gives my lips a pick-me-up! Nothing feels better on dry, cracky lips than a smooth and creamy moisturizer!

I first tried this balm as it came as a free sample for signing up for Birchbox. I fell in love the second I applied it. The problem is the sample was so tiny, I ran out fairly quickly. 

One random day I had put it on and Jeff had kissed me and immediately commented on how soft my lips were. You know you have a winner at that point! :)

As soon as my sample ran out, I was really bummed. I couldn't stop thinking about how great this product felt on my lips and how much I loved the color. So, I dashed in to Sephora and picked up the full size and immediately tore into the box so I could put it on. Obsessed much? Maybe! :)

I am absolutely in love with this soft pink color. My photo may not be doing the color justice, so check out this link to see a better look at the color! They do have a few others too (benebalm, lollibalm, and chachabalm), but Posiebalm is my favorite. The color is a soft pink, but not baby or Barbie pink. But its not too coral either. Its the perfect shade for me and I feel like it works with my skin tone. I truly love all the shades and knowing how wonderful the formula is, I would definitely like to try them all!

Not only do I love the shade of this balm, but the packaging is ADORBS! Its a rose-gold color and is just beautiful. Also, for application, it can go on very sheer which is nice, but it can also be built up. So you can get a simple swipe of moisture with a slight sheen to it, or you can apply heavier and get more color with your moisture. 

Another thing I love about it is the smell. I know that sounds kind of strange, but it does smell amazing. It totally reminds me of the smell of my Chanel lipsticks. I've been told those have rosewater in them, but they smell absolutely gorgeous! This balm has, if not the same smell, extremely similar. The smell is not for everyone, but it is for me! You just feel amazing wearing it! I have just been wearing this balm by itself, though you could always layer with other lipsticks if you so choose. 

The only thing I wish was different about this product would be how long it lasts once it has been applied. I do feel like I am reapplying it quite a bit throughout the day, but that could also be because I really enjoy putting it on too. :)

This has been a very enjoyable lip product for these cold, chappy winter days. I know a lot of people prefer darker lip colors this time of year, but I don't. I found this color to be absolutely gorgeous for winter and I am extremely happy with this purchase!

--What are your favorite lipbalms/treatments? I've heard a lot of things about the EOS lipbalms, but feel that they are too bulky to carry around (I usually put things like this in my pocket). Any other suggestions?--


  1. Ohh, this product sounds brilliant! I will check out the Benefit counter here, hopefully I get to swatch it first. It does look really pretty from your picture. xx

    Reflection of Sanity | Smashbox Giveaway

    1. Thanks Shireen! It is truly gorgeous in person! :)

  2. I love this colour - I always use pale colours, even in winter and I love this shade.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

    1. It has sure become my favorite quickly! I had a Chanel one that was my go-to, now this one is-plus its cheaper! :)

  3. Love the color ♥ it's just so girly and simple. the package looks so pretty as well.
    x Rita

    1. I've been using it non-stop! The smell is so gorgeous too! :)


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