Saturday, November 15, 2014

Aromatherapy | Sleep Pillow Mist

Are you having trouble sleeping? Lying awake all night thinking about that big test coming up? Maybe you have some anxiety or perhaps you just can't get comfortable at night. Whatever the case may be, I have found something that may be helpful!

My Current Situation:

On a typical day to day basis, I'll admit, I don't' have much trouble sleeping at all. I can actually drink a coke before bed and fall asleep just fine! My husband on the other hand, can't! He has to take a melatonin to even get a wink.

However, I have been struggling with anxiety lately and coming up on a business trip where:
  • I have to travel across the country by myself (no family and being on my own)
  • I have to be in a whole new work environment (new people)
  • I have to memorize and then do a big presentation in front of many people (without screwing up)
All of this causes stress beyond belief for me. I can lie awake thinking about it and thinking of all of the horrible things that can possibly go wrong. In fact, at any given point in the day thinking about these business trips, will get my heart racing.

If this sounds like you, or perhaps you do have trouble sleeping on a daily basis, then maybe give this a try!

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Sleep | Lavender Camomile Pillow Mist - $10

How It Works:

Simply spray the pillow mist on your pillows and sheets and let dry before making contact. Then climb in to bed and try to breath deeply for better results. The essential oils smell amazing and really help me relax!

My Thoughts:

This stuff has been truly amazing! On average, I fall asleep fairly quickly anyway. Whereas Jeff needs to take a melatonin pill in order to sleep. I've been spraying this mist on our pillows and sheets every night for a few weeks now. The smells is absolutely fresh and amazing. 

This contains lavender and chamomile essential oils and by breathing in deeply, helps to clear your mind and enhances your sleep. I've sworn to everyone I've talked to about this, that I noticed myself falling asleep within 15 minutes when I use this. I can't say that it will work the same for everyone, but this has been my own personal experience. After sharing my experience with my mom, she went out and got 2 bottles and has been enjoying them as well!

This has been the best purchase I've ever made at Bath and Body Works. I've picked up a few other items from their aromatherpy line to give a try. I picked up some Stress Pillow Mist as well to try as well as bubble bath and shower gels in the sleep and stress range. I picked up the shower gels in the travel size as I am traveling next week for this big presentation, hopefully I can take a nice soothing bath, breathe deeply and fall asleep quicker. I am in hopes this will help relax me as I prepare and overall help me get a better nights sleep!

Hopefully this post has been helpful if you are coming up on some tests or other big events in your life or if you're just having a hard time sleeping. Don't forget, if sleeping isn't really your issue, they do have other ranges, such as: Stress, Sleep, Energy, Sensual. Another thing to try is their wallflowers that also come in this aromatherapy line. That might be my next purchase!

What are you favorite techniques to getting a good nights sleep?



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  2. I think you need a relaxing bath, a warm drink and then some quiet time reading - that's what works for me.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  3. i think ill buy it :) xx

    1. I hope you enjoy it as much as me! It's been great and helping me relax enough to fall asleep sooner. :)

  4. I always have trouble sleeping and I use melatonin tablets to help me sleep. Might need to give this a go, hopefully it'll help me too.

    Reflection of Sanity

  5. Ohh I have been wanting to try out a Pillow Mist for a little while now! ^ ^


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