Monday, October 13, 2014

DIY: Easy Organization (Makeup, Pencils, Dog Treats)

Is your mind ready to be blown away with PICTURES? Because I have quite a few for you in today's post! :)

Recently I did a home haul (you can see that YouTube video here) and I went to IKEA and purchased some really inexpensive glasses and rocks. In my video I was trying to think of ways you can use these. I knew I wanted to use mine for organizing my makeup brushes, but there are other ways to implement the same idea! So here are a few ideas...

Let's Start with Makeup!

Small Makeup Brushes

Pictured Below:
Miscellaneous Makeup Brushes
Total for This Project: $4.48 (minus makeup brushes of course!)

Simply pour your desired amount of colored rocks into glass and place your brushes directly in. The more rocks you put in the more firm the brushes will stand. The fewer rocks you put in, the more likely they are to tip over. I filled mine glass about 1/2 way with rocks.

Easy enough, right? Let's keep going!

Face Brushes

Pictured Below:
Miscellaneous Face Brushes
Total for This Project: $3.48 (minus makeup brushes of course!)

Pour purple rocks into glass and place face brushes in next. You can choose to do this with or without the rocks, depending on your preference. Without the rocks, the brushes will fall to the sides. With the rocks, you can easily and quickly grab the brush you are looking for. Makes it easier to find what you are looking for!

Everyday Lipsticks

Pictured Below:
Kulort Rocks in Purple (IKEA) $1.99 (optional for project)
Miscellaneous Lipsticks/Lipglosses
Total for This Project: $3.48 (minus lipsticks/lipglosses of course!)


Pictured Below:
Miscellaneous Eyeliners
Total for This Project: $4.48 (minus eyeliners of course!)

Ready for the finale? 

Final Products Used:
Whisky Glass (IKEA) $2.49/ea
Miscellaneous Makeup Brushes/Items
Total for This Project: $26.42 (minus makeup supplies of course!)
Total for This Project-Not Including Candle Dish/Candles: $12.44 (not including makeup supplies of course!)

I found this "candle dish," or as I see it, serving platter, and small purple tea-light candles at IKEA. I decided to place a few candles around the tray to give it even more color as well as a beautiful smell. I also considered sprinkling purple potpourri, but chose to go the less messy route.

Below is my finished look at how you can cutesify (it's a word!) your everyday makeup! I wouldn't recommend this for all of your makeup, perhaps just your go-to's so they are easier to manage. I've already placed this final beauty-platter on my bathroom counter and it looks amazing!

Less than $27 for all of the supplies you see pictured below (minus the makeup items of course). You can go as little or expensive as you would like. The candle dish was the most expensive piece, but there was also a 12" option too.

Side Note: What I loved about this project is that it only took 1 jar of rocks for the entire thing! Plus, you don't even have to use rocks if you don't want to. I preferred it to make my items stand vs falling over, but it's totally up to you. You can also go without the candle dish (platter) and the candles too. I just thought they were pretty that way, but you can totally customize this entire project to fit your space and your style!

Let's move on to a few other ways you can use this same idea throughout your home.

Doggie Treats

Pictured Below:
Miscellaneous Doggie Treats (I chose chew sticks)
Total for This Project: $2.49 (minus chew sticks of course!)

I decided for this one, it would be super cute to just put a handful of the pups' favorite chew sticks in the same pretty glass. I think this dresses up the kitchen as well and you can ditch the ugly treat bags. I also think you can use a cute mug as well....oh the possibilities! This also gave me the idea for around Christmas time....imagine putting CINNAMON STICKS in here! :)

And finally...

Artist Pencils

Pictured Below:
Miscellaneous Artist Supplies
Total for This Project: $4.48 (minus artist pencils of course!)

For those of you who are into drawing, coloring or paining, here is an idea for you. You can choose to do this one with or without the rocks as well. I've pictured both below. I prefer the rocks if you don't have a lot to put in the glass. If you have lots of pencils, paint brushes, etc to put in, it may be better to go without rocks. I didn't realize my pack of pencils had more than the few I put in...oops! That was a fun surprise! :)

 These projects were super fast, easy and inexpensive! That is one of the reasons I enjoy shopping at IKEA!

What are some ways you stay organized around your home?

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  1. Great ideas! I was just complaining to hubby dearest that I desperately need a storage for my ever growing makeup collection and your post came at the perfect time!

    Reflection of Sanity

    1. Haha, that is awesome! I used to use a standard 3-5 drawer/tower thing from Rubbermaid or something like that, but I just didn't think it was all that cute. I'm loving the way this one turned out! Good luck sorting yours out! :)

  2. Man I'm such a sucker for organizing things, this post was right up my alley! I love how beautiful your brushes and liners look in their glasses and sitting on that tray, I need to figure out a way to make my collection of crap look somewhat appealing! :D

    This was an awesome post!


    1. Haha! Thank you. I felt the same way though. My counter was over flowing with so much crap, and crap I rarely use! I had to figure out what I use the most and try to make it more appealing. Makeup is pretty and pretty to look at! :)


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