Sunday, August 10, 2014

Travel Essentials & Makeup Must Haves

I have been doing more and more traveling between work and just quick little trips here at home. I am starting to get quite the system down in what to pack with me and what I can do without, of course depending on where I am going and how long I will be gone.

I recently got back from a business trip to Connecticut and thought I would share with you some of my essential items that I took with me. Most of these items I use on a daily basis and love them so much, I have to take them with me when I travel. Obviously, depending on where I'm going (ex: camping) I may not bring all of this. But since this trip in particular was a business trip, I decided to pack most of what I wear everyday. 


Liquid Bag

 Even though I always check my bag and technically don't have to put my liquids in a plastic bag, I still like the idea of separating my liquids into a separate bag. I picked up this adorable see-through yellow bag from Victoria's Secret on clearance! It has been awesome to pack any breakable bottles (I know, I shouldn't even be packing anything breakable...) or anything that may spill. This helps keep things safe if for any reason anything were to leak!

Let's see what's inside!

Hand Sanitizer:
I am a huge germaphobe and used almost a whole bottle while shopping in NYC this week. It's great to have this handy for airports, shuttles, after dealing with money, shaking hands, pretty much any time... 

Argan Oil:
I really like to use this at night as a moisturizer. It's also great if you get a bug bite or tweeze your brows, its good for so many other things. I've even used it on a sunburn in a pinch and it has been a lifesaver!

Body Wash:
I hate hotel bar soap with a passion and will always bring my own body wash.

If I were smart, I would downsize to a travel size, but because I had the room, I just packed my everyday deodorant.

Face Moisturizer:
I use this stuff everyday and its the perfect travel size!

Face Cleanser:
This is my current favorite face cleanser and this is always in my travel bag.

Makeup Setting Spray:
Depending on where I am going and the weather there, this stuff is great to keep makeup in place all day! A few spritzes and nothing budges! It's also great if you want to wear glittery eye shadows, helps keep the glitter in place and not on your face!

Roll-on Perfume:
I always like to smell nice and this is perfect for traveling. I even keep one in my purse!

Makeup Must Haves

Moving on to my makeup must haves, I really love this bag I got at Sephora. Purple is my favorite color and I love the gold paisleys all over it. Its super soft too and very roomy!

Let's look inside...

Makeup Brushes: 
I have another bag just for travel brushes (see below), but these 2 couldn't fit in there, so I kept them in this bag. I have a foundation brush, which is my favorite ever! It is by IT Cosmetics and I find it perfect for buffing in BB Cream or Foundation. It makes it go on so smoothly and blend into the skin without it looking cakey. I also carry my smaller blush brush. I use this for both bronzer and blush during travel.

 Mascara/Bottom Lash Mascara, Paint Pots, Lipstick, BB Cream, Highlighter, Eyeliner Pen/Pencils, Concealers, Eye shadows, Blush and a Mineralized Blush.

**As I am a HUGE MAC fan, on occasion during travelling, I have been lucky enough to buy a quad palette and choose my colors to go in. Where I live, we only have MAC counters and they don't offer that. You have to buy them individually. Therefore, I have to pack all of my shadows individually instead of in a quad which would be much easier!**

**Also, as a side note...I use my mineralized blush as a bronzer lately, plus it is smaller than my typical bronzer that I use, so I thought it was perfect for travelling.**

Makeup Brushes

Looking at makeup brushes, I really like like this small carrying case I got from MAC. This actually came with some products in it that I got last year for my birthday. I found it perfect for carrying smaller makeup brushes in.

Let's take a peek!

Mally Brush: I really like this green Mally dual brush. It has an angled brush on one end and a spooly brush on the other. I actually only use the spooly end and use it to brush through my brows after my product is in.

MAC 266: I use this brush specifically for applying eye shadow to by brows. I do not use this one for any eyeliners, just for eyebrows.

Other Brushes:
 MAC 217, ?, MAC 286
**The "?" brush came in one of these kits I got for my bday, but I can't remember what exactly it was. It seems similar to a 239 Shader Brush and a 211 Pointed Liner Brush. I'm not 100% sure that is correct, but to me it is similar to those. I actually don't use the pointed end, I just use the flat brush to apply some eye shadows or my glitter shadows.**

And those are my travel essentials. These items are my must haves and I even use most of these on a daily basis. I love them so much I take them traveling with me!


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