Monday, July 21, 2014

Treat Your Feet

I am not typically the type that likes to be barefoot! fact, I am quite the opposite. I can go all year in socks. Socks are wonderful and keep my feet nice and warm. I am always cold though, so I'm sure most people will think I'm nuts to not love wearing flip flops during the summer.

But I am who I am and I've learned to accept that.

I have however, been trying to let my feet see the sun a little more. I got these adorable Tory Burch flip flops (pictured below) in the spring and the are the most comfy flip flops ever! So now my feet are seeing more sun than ever before. With braving letting my naked feet see dirt and sun and the best of summer, they sure get rough! I've never had rough heels, probably because they stay cozy in cute socks, but now they are getting so rough!

So when I was in Lush recently, I spotted this cute little Stepping Stone foot scrub (pictured below). I thought this would be ideal for me. The worst part about getting a pedicure is when they go to scrub my feet, I nearly fall out of my chair every time because my feet or so darn ticklish! I thought this little scrub would be the best thing to help with this.

How It Works: From what I was told, you can break off little pieces and run under the bath water, or you can break of little pieces and massage into your feet. I plan to do the latter. I am going to break off little chunks and massage into my heels.

This stone should help scrub away dead, dry skin and it has oils and cocoa butter to help keep them soft. Not to mention, it also has oils that help deodorize. Who wouldn't want that?!

I have not yet tried it, but am looking forward to it!

Stepping Stone: Go to LUSH and get yours today, its only $4.50!


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