Thursday, June 12, 2014

Finally Cracked!

The other night was quite frustrating! Jeff and I were sound asleep, then around 130 AM the smoke alarm in our bedroom decided to go off! I am such a scared sleeper (due to previous horrible things that happened during the nights), so when the alarm went off, you can imagine how much my adrenaline was pumping!

We searched the house for any signs of smoke or other reasons for it going off and couldn't find anything wrong. Of course the fear of carbon-monoxide poisoning was weighing on my mind and I felt more comfortable calling the fire department to see what they would recommend we do.

So of course by calling them, they needed to send a truck out to investigate just in case. They told us to get everyone out of the house and wait outside. So we grabbed Alfie and Hammond (click here to see a cute pic of them!) and headed outside. Safety first ya know!

As the firemen came up to chat with us after checking out the house, Alfie and Hammond were a little scared of them. So I bent over to pet the puppies to calm them down and when I did, my phone fell out of my pajama pocket and THIS HAPPENED.......

This is just the worst because I am able to get an upgrade here in the next few months and I really want to hold out for the new iPhone which I'm sure will be around the corner. But this is not just a simple crack! It's shattered! I've been unintentionally rough with my phone and its taken a beating over the last year and a half. To be honest, I'm impressed with how well it has held up and how long it has lasted.

 It makes it worse to find out nothing was wrong and it was a waste of their time (and I broke my phone), but I guess its better to be safe than sorry. Plus I was able to sleep soundly knowing that nothing was wrong and no need to fret.

Well, in the last month I've broken my wrist and my phone! I'm on a roll, and hopefully it ends here! :)



  1. Well, you took that lesson to heart. You'd never know when your phone will go swimming somewhere, so protecting it sounds like a good idea. Is this the first time your phone took an unexpected spill? As they say, prevention is better than cure, and with this case, let's hope it prevents the spills from getting into your phone. Take care!

    Bryan Barnes @ Cell Phone Repair

  2. I do hope it all ends there, Mel. Waking up in the middle of the night due to a false alarm is quite annoying, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Too bad your iPhone was shattered while the firemen were checking your house. Keep safe, guys!

    Cordia Remsen @ RBSMN


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