Friday, May 2, 2014

Meet Our New Puppies!

This is Alfie:

This is Hammond:

Jeff and I are so excited to welcome these little pups into our lives! I've wanted a dog for so long and now I have two!

Yes, raising two pups can be quite challenging, but it is also VERY rewarding.

These pups are Heeler-Mixes and are about 9 weeks old. We were able to take them home on Tuesday and boy our lives changed...for the better! These little rascals are balls of energy and full of love. They are extremely playful and want every ounce of attention. 

These two little snuggle-bugs warm my heart so much. They are bursting with personality. They seem so happy and they have made us so happy too!

I love my boys so much and am so excited to welcome them into the family!


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