Saturday, May 10, 2014

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream new favorite hand cream!

First Aid Beauty F*A*B Ultra Repair Cream is just that...FAB!

My hands have been more dry lately than they have been all winter! Not to mention, now that we have new puppies, I am constantly washing my hands. That alone has been drying them out. 

My hands have been so bad lately, they have had cuts and terrible rough patches! When mentioning this to my mom, she handed me this new hand cream she was trying and was swearing by it. I have to say, it has been amazing! 

What I love most about this whipped hand cream, is that it is non-greasy! So after I apply it, I can get back to my life and not have to worry about greasy finger prints on anything.

For more awesome information on this amazing repair cream, click here!

What hand creams have you used when dealing with terrible dry skin? I'd love to know your recommendations!


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