Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tutorial: Natural Brow

As you may have noticed by now, my personal beauty style is definitely more on the natural side. So there is no question when it comes to brows that I also go for a more natural look. I am not the "strong brow" type of girl, at least not yet!

Below are some tips and step by step instructions on how I achieve my natural brow look.

One tip I have recently learned is that brows are one of the most important features. Brows frame your face and whether we realize it or not, they can actually be a focal point. So be sure to touch up your brows. My techniques below are super simple and fast. 

Disclaimer: The products used in this post are just my favorites. If you find some products and tools that are cheaper that work for you, please feel free to use those. This is just my routine and the products I enjoy.

Products and Tools:
MAC 242 Shader Brush (not pictured)
Mally Spooly Brush-Any spooly brush will do!

Pictured Below: These are my natural brows. I get them waxed, shaped and trimmed about every 3-4 weeks. ( I know, I am a hairy beast!) In this picture, they are a bit wild. Time to tame them!

Pictured Below: Start with a spooly brush and brush your eyebrows up and to the side. You want to follow the natural shape of your brow.

Pictured Below: After your brows are prepped, take your angled brush and swirl in the powder you wish to use and tap off the excess. I used MAC Charcoal brown.

Pictured Below: I like to start near the arch of my brow and gently flick the brush in the same direction as my brow. This is a good place to fill in if your brows are sparse or if you'd like a thicker brow.

Pictured Below: Don't forget to get to the ends of your brows! You can dip your brush in the shadow as you need to throughout the process.

Pictured Below: Then I like to come back to the very first part of the brow. I like to have less product on my brush at this point because I feel that this is where it should look the most natural. I like to flick the brush upwards during this part. Again, following the natural shape of the brow.

Pictured Below: Once you are all done applying the shadow throughout your brows, take the spooly brush and brush through them again. I feel that this helps the shadow spread evenly and especially if you get a little heavy-handed, this can help!

Pictured Below: A fun trick a makeup artist taught me was to take your concealer and dab it around your brows. Then take a brush and blend it in. This helps create definition of the brow. If you prefer a strong brow, this trick will definitely be your friend. It will help define the shape of your brow even more, especially if you like a more defined arch in your brow!

Pictured Below: ....and WALLAH! All done! This is my simple natural brow. 

One final tip: If you prefer a stronger brow you can outline your brows and make them thicker. Just be sure to follow the natural shape of your brow. If you do prefer thicker, consider outlining on the top of the brow vs the bottom. This can help make your eyes appear bigger.

Pictured Below: Final Results

I hope you enjoyed this simple natural brow tutorial. If you are interested in more tutorials, comment below!


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