Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Skin Care Story, Lessons and Essentials

I have to admit, I have never taken great care of my skin...and I know I need to step it up here. I didn't always wear makeup. In fact, it wasn't until about 2 years ago, I started to wear makeup daily.  I remember my sister-in-law asked me what I used to wash my face and I admitted that I didn't. You should have seen the shock in her face. This was my first clue that I should be doing it, whether I thought I needed it or not.

I never thought I needed to take care of my skin because it has always looked so healthy and is smooth and typically blemish free. I didn't wear makeup like all the other girls, so I figured I got a free pass in this area.

(Lesson Learned: No free passes, no excuses. You should always care for your skin. Period.)

Sure, I got into makeup as a pre-teen and tried a few things in Jr. High (I really wanted to try the blue mascara, but it was a no go), but I never actually wore makeup consistently. When I was 14, I got into acting/modeling and I was always the one chosen to be the model when makeup artists would teach the students how to apply makeup. So I never really got to see how they did it. I also never bothered to ask my mom how to do it, because I was more of a tomboy and didn't have any desire to wear makeup. 

Whenever I would go on auditions, my mom did my makeup. Though she did a great job, I thought that it made me look different... and in my eyes, that was always a negative thing. I never felt confident enough.

(Lesson Learned: Just because I looked different than I was used to, doesn't mean there is anything wrong with that.)

Also, back then, I could get dressed and ready for school in 10 minutes! Brush my teeth, get dressed, brush my hair into a ponytail and out the door I was. I also never really had acne. So washing my face was never something I forced myself to do. I had the occasional zit, but it went away fast too.

(Lesson Learned: Makeup can help girls feel more confident. For example: If you have blemishes or scars, makeup can help. If you have sparse eyebrows, makeup can help.)

I have learned a lot since then and now understand the importance of caring for my skin the best I can. Now that I am older and have found an interest and passion for beauty products, I am trying to care for my skin more than I ever have before. I am embarrassed to admit that it has taken me so many years to do what every girl should always do in the first place. But-late is better than never!

(Lesson Learned: It's never too late to start something new. Especially if it's good for you!)

My Current Skin Care Essentials

Products Below (left to right):

How I Like to Use These Products

Wash Face with MAC Green Gel
I like to use this mostly in the shower. I hate washing my face at the sink because I am way too messy. If I am already in the shower and wet then its perfect! This has been a great cleanser for me. In fact, I was travelling for work a few months back and I ended up getting a strange blemish on my face after my flight. I found a MAC store at the nearest mall and asked for a cleanser. They recommended to me this Green Gel and I purchased it in a travel size. I washed my face that night with it and the following morning and then my blemish was gone! I now swear by this stuff. I have since bought the larger bottle and added it to my regimen. 

 Wipe Face with Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes
I like to tear these wipes in half and use one half in the morning and the other at night. I'm cheap! I like to take one half and go over my eyes and the rest of my face to ensure that all makeup remnants are gone. If you are a messy at applying your makeup like I am, I recommend using these to clean up the areas you need to. They are very effective!

 Moisturize with MAC Studio Moisture Fix SPF 15
I like to moisturize with this product because it really does make my skin feel amazing. Not only that, but it also has SPF 15! I never bothered to care about protecting my skin until a few years ago, so I am very happy this has SPF in it!

Not PicturedMally Perfectly Poreless Primer
I like to use this primer all over my face after cleansing, but before moisturizing. This stuff feels amazing and keeps in the moisture. I really like how it leaves my skin silky-smooth and gets my face primed and ready. I highly recommend this product!

 Moisturize with Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil
I really love Josie's products and this was the first one I had been introduced to. I like to use the Argan Oil as a moisturizer at night. It has many great uses according to the website: "A lightweight oil that can be used as a daily moisturizer or treatment for skin, hair, and nails."

I have recently been interested in trying some face masks. I have been eyeing some from Lush. They seem to have a good variety and they have some fresh ones I have been interested in. If I give it a go, I'll let you know how I like it.

What are some of you favorite skin care products? Do you have any recommendations for me?


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