Thursday, April 10, 2014

Getting It Organized...

I find that I am one of those girls that has so much makeup, its everywhere. I wanted to find a way to display my makeup that I use the most, rather than chuck it in a drawer to save on counter space. For a long time, I kept a 5 drawer tower on my counter organizing each drawer my the type of makeup. For example, I had one drawer dedicated to my most used eyeshadows, another drawer for my mascaras, another for my lipsticks, and so on. This however, was not the cutest way to display my collections, but it was efficient when it came down to the counter space.

I recently went shopping at IKEA and while I was there browsing through their dishes, I cam across the loveliest pink bowl. Now, I know it was intended to be a dish for food, but I couldn't help but to think how cute it would be in the bathroom. That got me thinking and below is what I came up with! 

Pictured Below: I gathered up the things I use more frequently and decided to organize it.

 Pictured Below: I found this adorable white plate for only $4.99. I thought this would be perfect to display some of the products I use nearly every day. I loved the shape of this plate and how it is bowed. Another thought for this plate was to display some everyday jewelry (rings, bracelets).

Pictured Below: I loved the look of this simple whiskey glass. This was only $2.49. What I loved about this is how elegant it looks. It does not look like a cheap glass, it looks really pretty. I chose to use this piece to hold my most used makeup brushes. Another idea is to have a second to hold mascaras or eyeliners/pencils.

Pictured Below: This is the inspiration behind the organization. This pink bowl was only $1.99 and I purchased two. I used one to display my most used eye shadows and I used the other to hold my collection of mascaras. 

Pictured Below: This is my new way of organizing. I spent less than $12 on these dishes and I feel like it has make my counters look pretty.

I feel like these were some great alternatives to making my counter look pretty, but also to display the makeup/tools I use everyday. Some makeup is too pretty to be shoved into drawers. Not to mention, when I put things in drawers, I tend to forget I have them. I think this is a classy and pretty way to organize.

Note: If you really want to get crafty, you can purchase some rhinestones at your local craft store and glue them on the dishes! You can make these as glam as you would like!

What are some of your favorite ways to organize your most used makeup/tools? Leave a comment, I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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